Jesus, The One and Only


Image by kaymoshusband via Flickr

I have to say that studying Paul was such an exciting adventure with Beth and we’re going to do it again with JESUS next… but let me fill you in with a little of my own faith journey :) 

God is so good!  Yep after being unemployed for over a year, I started a new position with a child placing agency who does foster care and adoptions and my business as a Certified Life Coach kicked off as well … Empowered With Excellence.   I was learning so many new things and growing and stretching in so many areas with some amazing discoveries along the way.   Since the first of the year there have been numerous changes that I’ve had to walk through and step out in faith as God had been speaking to my heart since even the summer of last year.  Changes was one of them!  We don’t always know what the picture or the outcome may look like.   There were some tough decisions that I had to make,  but I knew that I had to follow what God was putting on my heart. 

Talk about walking by faith!  It was so good for me to study Paul’s journey right along with everyone and spoke volumes to me each week as well.  I also love Beth’s insight.  Paul truly loved the Lord and went through many trials but I believe one of his greatest accomplishments was his PERSEVERANCE through his entire journey.   What stood out to me towards the later years of his life was the love for people grew even deeper and richer.  And that’s exactly what happens when you fall in love with the Lord!  There are some whose hearts can become calloused, but when we grow closer to the Lord and stand on His Word of Truth, he changes our hearts and we see things that we may not have recognized before.  Truth… His truth! 

I remember years ago during a challenging time in my life that I was praying, reading God’s Word and asking him what about this that or the other.  He led me to a scripture reference and it was about perseverance!  I thought to myself are you kidding me, I had been persevering!  But really life is about persevering and it will always be about preserving in one form or another, one adventure with the Lord to the next, and one step of faith to the next …  I just hope to finish well to lay the crown at the feet of my Savior one day! 

Next step… It’s all about JESUS!  Can’t wait to start this next part of the journey with you!

God bless you richly!


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