Jesus, The One and Only


Paul encourages Timothy in 1 Timothy 4 to stand as a servant of the living God, regardless of generation or gender.  Beth shares three key things we can do to stand.

  1. Train yourself in godliness(vs. 7) – Remember salvation is a gift; godliness is a pursuit.
  2. Be an example(vs. 12) – God wants us to be living proof by our example.  If we’re leading but we’re not closely following Christ, we are misleading.
  3. Do not neglect the gift that is in you” (vs. 14) – When we received Christ, God gives us spiritual gifts, but they must then be developed, cared for, and cultivated.  God honors a beautiful blend of gift and grit!  He gives the gift, and He expects us to have the grit to practice and learn how to use it effectively.” (1)

Don’t neglect the gift that is in you!  I love that!!!  God placed spiritual gifts in us for us to explore and to become all that HE has created us to be!  But He has also placed the Holy Spirit as a gift in us to help us, guide us, direct our steps and comfort us when the journey seems difficult at times!  There’s one important thing though when it comes to a gift … how do YOU receive it? 


(1) Paul, 90 Days in His Journey of Faith / Beth Moore / B & H Publishing

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Comments on: "Stand" (2)

  1. What timing! Hearts with grit… Care and cultivation. Nourishment in Him is the means for growth and connection with our Father. With this true Christ centered development and leadership. Thank you for being diligent Vicki!

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